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Change is in the air! How to name your clothing brand.

For all our customers we have a new name, I know it's hard to believe but we have changed our name. We had so many people ask "why change the name" and for that there are many reasons. We loved our business name it was unique and meant a lot but at this moment in time we feel it is time for the business to go into a new direction. To be more professional and provide more resources to our customers.

We want to take on bigger projects, tackle more complex issues and bring even more value to you. The name Phetamine may not have been as self explanatory as we would have liked it, however it was original and no one else had the same name. Plus if you really think about it what is more self explanatory than your own name. We hope you guys enjoy our new brand and can't wait to see what lies ahead for us.

If any of you are in the same position where you feel your brand needs a makeover or even a new name, just remember one thing, who are you trying to target? The niche you wish to touch? And lastly what story do you want to tell? That's how we came up with our new brand and we are sure it will work for you.

There are countless clothing brand names out there. I bet you can name at least one in your head right now. But do you know why those names were chosen? Do you know what strategy went into the brand name?

A brand name is more than just a label. It's an opportunity to give meaning, to tell a story, and to create an emotional connection with your customer. Choosing the right name for your clothing line is an important step to building your brand.

Your brand is your identity. The way you market and sell yourself will determine whether customers buy into what you have to sell.

We got inspiration for the remake after we saw how everyone reacted to our last drop which you can check out here

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