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New Year New beginnings

A Year in Reflection


It has officially been one full year of being in business, and it has been quite a journey for us. We believed we would launch a clothing brand, and it would gain infamy overnight. The year 2021 taught us a lot of lessons and we were able to adapt to the changes and come up with a system that worked for us by mid august. Initially we wanted to do a release every 3-4 months but we severally underestimated the cost of everything and had to learn budgeting which is crucial for any business knowing how you are spending money is more important than making it. With lessons learned we stopped all new release sand only focused on restocks and nurturing our current customer based and extending our reach to new clients we stopped running ads to focus on a more organic reach that was more personal. It worked we found success in our approach and now the year has come to and end a we our ready to expand.

With 2022 here, we will be releasing our first-ever trucker hats and long sleeves to the world. We will continue doing minimalist designs and drop more sophisticated pieces periodically in the year. We are going back to running ads to tap into a larger market pool. 2021 was a rollercoaster, and we realized it was a blessing in disguise, minus all the setbacks we had with launching the long sleeves and truckers. We are ready to tackle the year and scale heres to a New year and new beginnings.

The newest additions to our line are our long sleeves that come in Navy blue, Red, Black, Grey. And our "Addicted 2 Culture" Truckers. 

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