About Us

Welcome to the Real Wealth Club

We are a family-owned brand built on trust and transparency, with one simple goal in mind. That mission is to inspire the next generation by spreading awareness about the importance of real wealth. The first rule of the Real Wealth Club? We always talk about real wealth.

What Is Real Wealth?

Let’s get into it. What exactly is ‘real wealth’? For us, real wealth is the accumulation of riches beyond material possessions. From love and family, to embracing a spiritual higher presence, acknowledging real wealth is about seeking and understanding the value of non-monetary relationships and experiences. In today’s society, we are taught to value success based purely on financial assets and gain. We want to promote a community that prioritizes fulfillment in all areas of life.

How to Get Real Wealth

Achieving real wealth looks different to every person. Think about your life and the things that make you happy. Quality time with loved ones, practicing gratitude, donating to charity, expressing yourself creatively, bringing joy to the lives of others – these are all things that can bring about real wealth. Sometimes it can be hard to rewire your mind when you are so used to focusing on financial gain alone. Our goal is to support you on your journey to complete fulfillment with easy, actionable steps to build a life you love.

Here at the Real Wealth Club, we’ve made a start by donating a portion of our profit to our state’s farm share, which helps combat food waste by feeding hungry families. For us, fulfillment also comes from starting a conversation around real wealth and educating others on its importance. We do this through our comfy clothing, which encourages the start of the conversation with empowering slogans and motifs.