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What is Phetamine?

Hey guys, today will be a short blog post about our brand. We get asked a lot when people come across our brand: What is Phetamine? Phetamine is that feeling you get once you put your mind to doing something positive, and you don't let anybody or anything stop you from doing it even though you look and sound crazy to them. It's all about positivity taking that finite energy you have each day and just directing it to that one thing lots of successful exhibit the same traits that drug addicts do. The only difference is they take their tendencies and use them for positive gains. Our brand has nothing to do with drugs. It's simply taking your energy and applying it to positive productivity that makes you feel good; that's what we are all about. 

Our brand is about turning bad habits into positive ones; obsessions can be good as long as you change your outlook on what you do with them. Let me give you an example. You can sit all day and play games for leisure, but it is considered a bad habit; if you gain nothing from it, you can still do the same thing but make a streaming account and upload content it then becomes something more productive. Our brand is considered a lifestyle brand because we want our customers to transform themselves into the best versions. We are only limited by our perspectives.



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