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Change is in the air and we are ready

After this blog post, life will shift around for the betterment. These past weeks have been challenging for us. I haven't kept up with things I needed to do because of mental fatigue. I almost checked out and gave up, but I persevered, and now I am stronger. We hit a wall, then removed it, and now I feel the brand has more room to grow. I feel more confident in the direction I am taking the company.

We have been under construction in the background, working while posting less. At the moment of writing this, we have started a partnership to help with our supply chain issues. It will be easier to scale than before. A lot of the heavy lifting is out of the way now. For months we worried and planned on what to do if orders continued to increase, but now I no longer have to worry about that. Now I can focus more on what makes this business great, and that's a blessing.

Coming up in July, we will be releasing two new shirts. I know we haven't released t-shirts in a long time, approximately a year, but hey, summer is here, and we have to get with the program. One shirt will be a more affordable tee, and the next will be the more expensive, heavier shirt you can purchase. We are hoping to have shorts to pair with them in the coming weeks.

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