Introducing "Concrete Jungle": The Story Behind Our New Collection

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We're thrilled to give you the exclusive story behind our upcoming hoodie collection - "Concrete Jungle". Inspired by the fierceness of the tiger and the transformative power of fire, our next release is designed to empower you, to make you stand tall amidst the concrete and steel, to truly unleash your inner tiger.

The Inspiration:

Our cities, our homes, our 'Concrete Jungles', are bustling with life and energy. Drawing inspiration from the battles we face to survive in our lives and the bold character of the tiger, we've designed a hoodie collection that encapsulates these powerful elements.

The Symbolism:

Just as a tiger owns the jungle, our tiger hoodie collection encourages you to take ownership of your concrete jungle. Emblazoned across the design is the phrase "Real Wealth," encircling the fierce tiger emblem. It serves as a bold reminder that true wealth isn't material – it's the courage to express who we truly are, and the freedom to explore the wilds of our world, urban or otherwise.

The Palette:

The colors of our tiger hoodie – grey, black, and military green – holds a special place in our collection. They symbolize the elements of the urban jungle: the concrete, the night, and the hidden trails, respectively.

We believe comfort should never be compromised for style. Our tiger hoodie is not only bold and stylish but also boasts a comfy feel. The materials used are carefully chosen to ensure maximum comfort and durability, allowing you to roam your urban jungle with ease and style.

We're thrilled to bring our vision to life and share it with you. Join us on this journey, unleash your inner tiger, and own your concrete jungle. Stay tuned for our official launch.

Looking Forward:

With "Concrete Jungle", we aim to inspire you to unleash your inner tiger. Be audacious. Be bold. Be you. We can't wait for you to see the wear the collection and join us in celebrating the spirit of the tiger.

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