Welcome to The Real Wealth Clothing

Real Wealth Club came about because when I thought of wealth, I believed wealth was how much money you have in the bank account—I've seen plenty of people who have all the money but are still unhappy, depressed, or unsatisfied. That's when I understood they are rich. They have money and success but are not truly wealthy. You know the saying, "More money, more problems," money isn't a solution to all your problems. The BIBLE says, "For the love of money is the root of all evil...". There is nothing wrong with having money; when your identity revolves around money, that's when it becomes a problem. We all know people who don't feel confident unless they wear nice clothes, drive a fancy car, or have the latest products and gadgets. Real Wealth Club was created to say, hey, get your coins, but don't forget to put God, Family, Yourself, and experiencing life before everything. That is when you will genuinely have Real Wealth and not just be rich and unhappy.
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